My name is Denise & I am a Tattoo & Concept Artist currently located in the Bay Area.

I graduated Otis College of Art & Design (Los Angeles) in May 2014. Since I was 4 years old, traditional art such as illustration, drawing, & painting with all kinds of mediums was what came most naturally to me. When I got to college I began to explore different fields such as Concept Art, Visual Development, Animation, & 3D. I fell in love with Concept Art/Visual Development & my traditional skills supported my new found passion.

After I graduated I decided to try a different route & picked up a tattoo machine. To me, this art form is just another medium that I can expand on my creativity with the benefit of having live canvases walking around to showcase my work! That being said, I still very much enjoy & practice traditional/digital concept art & would welcome any new opportunities!

I started tattooing in January of 2015 at Daruma Ink under my mentor Khuong. After three years of tattooing I decided to open my own shop PARALLAX in June 2018.

My biggest inspirations are James Jean, Kim Jung Gi, David Choe, Hayao Miyazaki, & Tim Burton. I love the fluidity in James Jean's whimsical & dreamy style, Kim Jung Gi's technical ability to create literally anything in his mind, David Choe's abstract & emotional freedom, Miyazaki's wonderful storytelling through his powerful themes & creativity, & Tim Burton's eccentric ideas.

I am a avid foodie always on the lookout for new foods, cuisines, & restaurants to taste. I am also an adrenaline enthusiast  that's usually open to try anything I haven't experienced before. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when I was 9 years old so I am very health conscious. I have a service dog named Salsa who alerts me whenever my blood sugar drops. I enjoy a good balance of exercise including weightlifting & hiking. Most of all I enjoy traveling and being in tune with various cultures. To me, that is the best way to open one's mind and gain the perspective of many, which in turn allows me to be creative in my art. Other things I enjoy are all animals, photography, reading, creative writing, & music. My maltipoo Taz is the love of my life.