How do i get tattooed by you/Make an appointment?

As of this moment my waitlist is closed. I am working on finishing current clients before I start taking on new projects. You are more than welcome to check back in the future to see if I have opened my bookings! I will be keeping my Instagram and Website regularly up to date.

Where are you located?

4324 Moorpark Avenue, San Jose, CA 95129
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 12:00pm - 7:00pm
Text Only: 510-673-3499

How much do you charge?

I currently charge 250$/hr but it is subject to change in the future. Prices may also vary per project depending on design, detail, skin, placement, size and possible other conditions. In addition, if you take more than 1 year to come back to finish an ongoing piece I had started, the price is subject to change according to my current price.

How much is the deposit?

I require a nonrefundable 200$ deposit to reserve an appointment date(s). The deposit goes as credit towards the last session of your tattoo as long as you don't cancel your appointment(s) all together. You also forfeit your deposit if you show up more than 30 minutes late to your appointment, reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, or do not show up to your appointment(s) without notifying me. A new deposit will then need to be made.

When did you start Tattooing? How did you get into it?

I started tattooing in January 2015 after graduating from Otis College of Art and Design in 2014. I opened my shop PARALLAX in 2018. To read more about how I got into tattooing please see my About Page :)


I mostly specialize in all types of Asian Art, Intricate Linework+Dotwork (Mandalas, Sacred Geometry, Blackwork), and Floral. I also do Watercolor, Illustrative (Disney, Studio Ghibli, Animations), and Realism from time to time. If you have cool ideas that you don't know are within these styles, feel free to ask as I may be interested in taking on the project. Just because I did not state the type of tattoo style you might like, doesn't mean I am not open to try it :). To get a better understanding of what styles I typically do, please review my Instagram Portfolio.

With that being said, I do not take on projects that specifically include: Tribal, American Traditional, White Ink, Religious, or Coverups. I have nothing against these type of styles and would be able to take them on if I chose to; however, I highly recommend you go to an artist who specializes in them so you can get the best you can out of these particular styles! It would be something they do everyday and are comfortable with doing easily as I am with the styles I choose to do daily.

How can i increase my chances of being tattooed by you?

Due to the amount of requests that I receive, I cannot take on every project that is presented to me. In order to continue the development and growth in my artwork, I look for concepts that spark immediate interest and creative inspiration. I greatly value what a tattoo means to someone and understand that it is something very personal to my clients. I do prefer taking on projects with fewer restrictions on design, composition, and body placement. In the end the tattoo will be on your body forever so I respect the decisions my clients make regarding the tattoo; however, I do so with hopes that you take in to consideration my suggestions based on my experience. What I ultimately look for is trust and patience. These are key factors that I hope you can have in me as a professional artist in order to have a connection between artist and client to create something amazing together. High quality tattoos take dedicated time and a financial investment that is necessary for you to receive a top notch tattoo.

Exactly how long will the tattoo take and exactly how much will it be?

This is a very common question that tattoo artists will not always be able to definitively answer for you if they are doing large scale/detailed pieces. We cannot guarantee an exact time period and price for you due to these factors.

Time and Price depends on:
1. How complicated the design is: whether there is a lot of detail, linework/dotwork
2. If the piece will be black/grey or color
3. Everybody's skin consistency is different and some skin may take the ink better than others.
4. Placement of the tattoo: different areas may be easier to tattoo than others (arm vs ribs)
5. How big the piece ends up being (sometimes the initial size is not the size we end up going with)
6. How long the client can sit: if you sit for shorter hours it will be more sessions, for longer hours it will be less sessions and more work done. If you take a lot of breaks and disrupt the flow of tattooing, or not too often and allow me to get alot done.
7. How well you take care of the tattoo after: after care is the most crucial part of keeping a tattoo looking fresh. If you do not follow directions, it is likely the tattoo will need to be touched up or reworked.

We can give you a ballpark estimate once the design is created, but it can always be more or less than what is given to you. Once again, the price may vary per project depending on design, detail, skin, placement, size, and possible other conditions. We do not want to be responsible for telling you a certain time/price and end up feeling like you've been lied to if that is not the case. What is important to know is that a good tattoo takes patience!

Will i be able to see a drawing before the appointment and when?

Because of the number of new projects I have daily/weekly, I cannot guarantee a sketch will be given to you before your appointment. Depending on each clients individual piece, drawings may be done for the day of an appointment or drawn directly on the skin, while others may be done a couple days before. If I do send a sketch it will be the day before or day of your appointment.

How should I prepare for my appointment?

We highly suggest eating a full meal at least an hour before you get here and stay hydrated. Feel free to also bring any snacks or beverages. You may take snack breaks if needed. Water will be available for you.

You may bring entertainment to keep yourself busy if it helps such as music, earphones, ipad, book, or a friend. To respect the space and comfort of other clients/artists, keeping the friend count to a minimum would be preferred. We also have Netflix and music available for you.

If you are using your phone during the session, please be aware and cautious of any movements while using it which may affect how I am tattooing you.

Please dress appropriately for your session.

To save time, please shave the area I will be working on prior to your appointment if there is any hair.

If you are sunburnt or have any other skin issues in the area we are working on, you will need to reschedule.

Expect to be there for some time longer than the supposed time for the tattoo. It is likely there will be time allocated for stenciling, resizing, repositioning, or freehanding the design directly on skin. The stencil/foundation of the design is the most important part of a tattoo and MUST be perfect so I will not rush through this part of the process. I do not charge for this portion of the time with me and the hourly charge will only start when I begin tattooing.

What are your Aftercare Instructions?

Please remember our job as tattoo artists is to execute the work; however, it is your responsibility to take care of it after. If you are investing good money on your artwork, make sure you also invest dedicated time into treating the artwork as your baby. Listen to what your artist tells you as every artist may have various techniques depending on the different amount of trauma they have done to the skin. Always ASK the artist (not your friends) if you are concerned for whatever reason and before doing anything you are unsure of. We have no control over how well you want to take care of your tattoo, but only hope you do so for the sake of the quality and longevity of your tattoo. For a copy of my Aftercare Instructions click here. If I have put Saniderm on you instead please click here for different instructions.